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classyraptor: Those two monster fan arts were really cute! I especially like the style of the humanoid versions of them!

Thank you! It’s cause I had great design to base them off :)

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Anonymous: Hi what program do you use to make your pixel art and gifs? :)

Photoshop for everything

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pixelatedcrown replied to your post: I did some fanart and humanizations of…

omg!!!! these are FANTASTIC… I can’t even pick a favourite, they’re all spot on :’)… (psst, it’s pixelatedcrown now!)

AAH I’M HAPPY YOU LIKE THEM and I maaaaay or may not have started on the other two monsters as well >.>

(omg I had completely forgotten your name change XD)

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I did some fanart and humanizations of pixelatedcrown's adorable monsters. I love their designs!

tylyngonnaeatchu: I came for cute monster pixels and stayed for the amazing art <3 <3 <3 <4 <3

Aw thank you, thank you :)

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Anonymous: Hiya. I just saw your character designs, the Masked crew from someone else's reblog, and I thought you should know that they look absolutely spectacular! Please, keep it up, I'm excited to see what comes out of them!

Thank you! I have a lot planned out an I’m excited to share more :)

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today I modelled & rigged this watermelon bug character! I call em sweetle. gonna put them in the little (currently unnamed) monster fighting game experiment I’ve got planned after cooking game. the top gif is their base walk cycle and the bottom is them being controlled by the arrow keys inside of unity!

omg this is too charming!

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Anonymous: *gets on one knee and gives you bouquet of flowers* do I have permission to date that Terrakion gijinka you drew?

sure, go for it~

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Anonymous said: Oh my goodness, I love your art, especially your pokemon and gijinka stuff. It’s so creative and unusual and gorgeous! I was wondering if—only if you have the time or interest, of course—you would do a gijinka of terrakion to go with your virizion and cobalion? They’re so pretty! But anyhow, your work is lovely!

Thank you! I liked that you called them ‘unusual’ lol

So here’s a quick Terrakion gijinka. I ended up looking back because I couldn’t even remember doing the others