I draw and think about games. Sometimes I animate. I'm bad at tagging things.
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mrkibbles: your motivation to draw and animate inspires me so much. im always scared of doing my more ambitious ideas for fear of not being able to finish them or that they wont come out how i wanted or that i'll wont even know where to began. i end up setting them aside telling myself that i have to wait till im a "better artist" to do them. err ok im getting off track, the thing i wanted to ask is how do you come up with yur color schemes? your colors are always so great

Thanks! I know what you mean, especially having many ideas that you don’t know how to execute. It’s the most frustrating thing, to realize your imagination exceeds your current skills, but there is always something to learn from trying (at your own pace).

Hmm, I don’t really have a specific process for choosing colours other than tinkering around with the colour picker. I will say, I don’t venture outside my colour comfort zone often but I’m trying to change that, it’s something I’m trying to be conscious of. (sorry, it’s not a great answer -_-;;)

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