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eugelng replied to your post: Sometimes I look up articles on whether video…

Why would you do this to yourself… why.

I get curious. But beyond that, I think video games are worth the effort to defend. One commenter said, “I think games are art, but I don’t think they belong in galleries” and I want to know why. A lot of commenters said, “Why does it matter to gamers whether they’re seen as art?” You could turn it around and say, why does it matter to movie fans whether films are seen as art? I could go on forever about how the way games are viewed matter to me, but if someone turned around and replied, “well, they’re just entertainment, it’s not real art” frankly, I would be offended.

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Look for Kelly Santiago’s take on the matter. If you ask me, it’s just a matter of time… Movies weren’t considered art once, so it’s just the cycle of old farts who can’t take the new medium seriously.

Ah, so it was she who Roger Ebert was referring to in his article. See, I would love to hear more from producers of games in all departments on the subject matter. No one takes a fan seriously because apparently being entertained (by games) cannot go hand in hand with appreciating/critiquing (games) on a deeper level, an “artistic” level. It’s very frustrating when people who have no interest in games, even as citing tools for their argument, go on to criticize their value.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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  1. classyraptor said: I 100% believe games can be art, but I dont think all are. Games like Earthbound deserve to be considered art. Games like Call of Duty, on the other hand, should never be considered art. It’s just made purely for the sake of profit
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