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I 100% believe games can be art, but I dont think all are. Games like Earthbound deserve to be considered art. Games like Call of Duty, on the other hand, should never be considered art. It’s just made purely for the sake of profit

Ah, but then we encounter the argument that something has to be of a certain quality or be made with the intention of being art in order to fall under that category. Many traditional art works were (and still are) commissioned to be created in a way that would most appeal to the masses for profit of sale and/or adoration. But we would unquestioningly call them art because of the time, skill, and comprehension required to make them. I think games that fall more under that grey area are ones like Wii Fit where its purpose is to be an exercise video and inspires no other interpretation. But I’m sure someone could make an argument for that too.

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